BATHROOM INSTALLATIONS SYDNEYBring your vision to life withexpert craftmanship

You can have the most beautiful and luxurious fittings, fixtures and design in the world, but without expert workmanship, your bathroom will simply be an elegant mess.

Novalé Bathrooms have decades of experience in designing and installing a whole range of different bathroom renovations. We can help you expertly install all bathroom fittings, fixtures and tiles to ensure your vision of a beautiful, comfortable bathroom is achieved with minimal time and effort.

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How To Save Money With Our Surprise-Free Pricing

We’re committed to giving you a transparent and easy to understand quote, with no hidden fees, and every task and item clearly laid out for your review and approval.

A Quick and On-Schedule Installation

We can get started in as little as two to three weeks, and will go full-time on your project without interruption. Our focus is not split between simultaneous projects like other contractors. We knuckle down and work tirelessly on your project until it is complete. And with access to a clear scope-of-works and schedule, you’ll know exactly how your bathroom installation is progressing at a glance.

Keep Up-To-Date With Our Simple Project Management Software

Simply log on with your laptop or mobile phone and check how your bathroom installation is tracking. View and share progress photos in real-time so you can see how your bathroom is coming together.

Bring Your Designs To Life With Unmatched Craftsmanship From Australia’s Leading Installers

Including perfectly fitted cabinets… expertly placed, cut and measured tiles… a rare attention to detail.. and more.

Stress-Free, Easy Installation

From start to finish (and beyond) we’re committed to making your bathroom installation a hassle-free, enjoyable process. We don’t believe it’s necessary to interrupt your lifestyle to install a beautiful bathroom. We’ll clean as we go, and leave your home in the same pristine state you left it in. And if you need assistance, your friendly, site manager is ready to hear any of your concerns.

PLUS a dozen more ways we’ll make your bathroom installation an effortless and enjoyable experience.

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