Bathroom PackagesHow much will my dreambathroom cost?

There are numerous factors that will affect the final cost of your bathroom installation, including bathroom size, material/fittings selection, and so on. Here at Novalé, we aim to make your bathroom dream possible, which is why our quotes start from $17,999 for labour and materials. The purchase cost of the tiles and all the bathroomware is added on from there, so the final price will fit your individual budget and scope.


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You can also call us on 1800 NOVALÉ for a Novalé Customer Service Consultant to guide you through the entire quotation process to ensure you have a full understanding of all aspects of the quote and bathroom renovation process. Since every bathroom is unique, our customised approach guarantees that you receive an accurate quote for your project. If you would like an instant online estimate, please use the ‘Get a Quote’ button below.

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