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At Novalé we believe a bathroom is more than just a place to wash. We believe its purpose should transcend our basic needs and extend to a relaxation zone. A space where time melts and problems and concerns can’t enter; where the ultimate goal is the total pause of the mind, body and soul.

Hence the bathroom design must be equipped with the necessary tools to get us there. To the sweet spot where we’re in perfect harmony with the universe and our bodies and minds have the chance to restart their engines.



“It was a pleasure working with the Novalé team designing the bathroom packages,they truly are a step above the rest. The team understanding the importance of detail and quality, they are committed to delivering a project that is seamless in execution and of exceptional quality. What a refreshing change to work with a team that is so focused on quality!”

Dino Raccanello

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Were you inspired by one of our Inspirational Moods, or do you have your own design in mind for your dream bathroom? Whatever the case, Novalé’s Interior Design team can work with you to turn your dream bathroom into reality.