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Designing a bathroom should be an exciting experience, though with so many elements to consider it can be a bit overwhelming. With Novalé however, the process is made easy, with a helping hand to guide you through every step of the way. 

Our design team have created a number of ‘Pre-Designed Inspirational Moods’ to get you started on your bathroom renovation journey. However, if your imagination stretches beyond our Inspirational Moods, our designers are on hand to help you to create a bespoke bathroom design tailored to your desires and needs.

One of our Interior Designers will assist you with selecting a style, materials, fittings and fixtures; ensuring that they all complement the space, as well as each other. A floor plan and 3D render will then be created, so that you can see what your bathroom will ultimately look like, before the bathroom renovation is even complete.

a Style

A bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to inject your own personal style into your home. Whether you consider yourself to have vintage flair or you’re looking to achieve a timeless design that won’t date and go out of fashion, Novalé can help you to select a style that reflects your personality and suits your home.

& Fixtures

Selecting fittings and fixtures that are not only beautiful but also highly functional, is crucial to a successful bathroom renovation. Novalé can help you to choose the right fittings for your chosen bathroom style, to ensure a cohesive design that satisfies your budget.


Materials have the ability to evoke emotions and feelings. For e.g. marble exudes luxury, whilst wood gives off warmth. It’s important to consider the mood you’re trying to create and how you wish to feel in the space, so that you can select materials that create your desired mood. Novalé can assist you with selecting materials that complement each other and work well with your chosen fittings, fixtures and style.


Top of the range accessories, such as sensor activated fittings & fixtures and heated towel racks, drawers & flooring, can add a sense of luxury to any bathroom experience. Whilst premium materials, such as marble, have the ability to uplift any space, to one of opulence and beauty.

To get inspired for your bespoke bathroom renovation, browse through our recent projects to see what’s possible in your bathroom.

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